Dr. Daniel Sullivan

Dr. Sullivan is a former criminal profiler with the Navy Investigative Service


Daniel Sullivan, Ph.D.


Intelligence 000 Wits 000 Resolve 000

Strength 00 Dexterity 00 Stamina 000

Presence 00 Manipulation 0 Composure 00




MENTAL Academics 000 Computer 0 Crafts Investigation 00 Medicine 0 Occult 0 Politics Science

PHYSICAL Athletics 00 Brawl 0 Drive 0 Firearms (pistols) 000 Larceny Stealth Survival Weaponry

SOCIAL Animal Ken Empathy (Lies) 000 Expression Intimidation (veiled threats) 000 Persuasion 00 Socialize Streetwise 0 Subterfuge

MERITS Quick Draw 1 (Firearms) Iron Stamina 1 Allies 3 (DTRA) Mentor 3 (Dr Harper) Contacts 2 (NAVY JAG, UCSD Psychology Dept.) Resources 4 Status 2 (DTRA) Striking Looks 2

WEAPONS/GEAR First Aid Kit Survival Kit SUV (Ranger Rover) H&K USP .45 (Heavy Pistol, w/ laser sight) Collapsible Police Baton Kevlar Vest


Early History:p. Born on February 9, 1968 in the suburbs of Boston, Daniel was raised in a strict Catholic Irish family. Both his parents were young and recent immigrants from Ireland, fleeing the wave of terrorism that rocked the fledgling country, when he was born. An only child, his parents moved to the warmer climates of Los Angeles when Daniel was seven years old, heeding the advise of doctors who warned that the cold Boston winters would be detrimental for Daniel’s emerging asthma.

Daniel’s parent provided a loving, comfortable home for their son, if not one of luxury. His father worked as a mechanic in the Long Beach Naval shipyards, while his mother taught English at a local high school. Aside from the infrequent bouts of asthma, Daniel was a healthy boy; however, his mother continually worried about the health of her only child and was over-protective. Had it not been for this father, Daniel’s life would have taken a very different turn. Encouraged by his father, Daniel became involved in sports and emerged a strong athlete. Thus, while his mother strengthened his mind and his faith, his father strengthened his body and his will.

When he was 14, the family was surprised by a new child … a baby daughter. Although his parents attention turned away from him to his new sister, there was only minimal discord for Daniel. He loved his sister as much as his parents, but more importantly his interest turned to other females. When he entered high school, he soon became immersed in his friends and a new found girlfriend. Although his relationships were as fleeting as most high school relationships are destined to be, his were often much less superficial. Highly moral, to the point of self-righteousness, his parents had given him an ethos that did not allow him to disrespect the girls he was with and even those with whom he later broke up rarely had a bad word to say about him. Although a bit of an anachronism, he was well liked and respected in the school by friend, foe and rival alike.

As fate would have it, the idyllic life that he lived was soon shattered. The year he entered the UCLA on a football scholarship, his father was killed in a freak work accident. Shocked by the accident and burdened by his new responsibilities to a widowed mother and a young sister, he left college. With few options available, he joined the Navy. Although he was away for long periods of time, the money and benefits were excellent and his family was soon flourishing again, the loss of his father behind them. As life stabilized, he returned to college to complete his degree and with the help of his commanding officer, he gained admission to the graduate clinical psychology program at UCSD. With a permanent berth in San Diego, his family moved to live with him there. While in college, Daniel – the epitome of an officer and a gentleman – was soon found to be the most eligible bachelor on campus. He soon fell in love with a graduate student in the art department, Anna Templar, and they were married a year later. Meanwhile, his sister had grown into a beautiful girl in her own right, graduating as a high school valedictorian. By pulling a few strings, he managed to help her get admitted to Harvard. His mother, always having a soft spot for the Irish-ness of Boston, followed his sister.

He eventually graduated with a PhD in Clinical Psychology and upon graduation was transferred to the Naval Investigations Service. Trained in criminal profiling, he began working closely with the Judge Advocate’s office. His wife, also recently graduated, opened a small art gallery in the wealthy suburbs of San Diego and began to travel across the country collecting art treasures and historical manuscripts. Soon their life settled into the tedious routine of work and home. However, the tedium was not to last. While at an art auction in London, Anna came across an old manuscript written in a language she could not understand. Instinctively, she purchased the manuscript and brought it back to her shop in San Diego. This was the catalyst that would destroy Daniel O’Sullivan’s routine.

The Catalystp. On June 3, 2005, while Daniel waited in the car, Anna hurried into the shop. They had tickets to see a playing of Midsummer Nights Dream at a local theater. While enroute, Anna had remembered she need to pick up some paperwork from her shop. A strange chill went over Daniel as he watched his wife enter the shop and disappear into the darkness. As the minutes passed and she did not come out, he became worried. He honked the horn but with not response. Strangely, his wife had not turned on any of the lights either. Frowning, he pulled his NIS-issued Colt .45 from the glove compartment and tucked it into the folds of his tuxedo as he stepped out of the car. With worry etching his face, he stepped into the darkness of the shop. When he flicked the light switch there was nothing … the darkness remained. He called out his wife’s name … no response. Frantically, he began to search the gallery. Although the service entrance door was unlocked, Nothing was disturbed … there were no signs of a struggle or theft. It was as if his wife had vanished. When he gained his composure, he contacted the the police department.

During the following months, his sister and his mother came to stay with him, to comfort him … but, his wife was not found. The case took a back seat with the police department. Unlike them, he could not simply forget. Taking a leave of absence from work, he began his own investigation into his wife’s disappearance, contacting friends in the FBI. On January 27, 2008, he found an unsigned note in his mailbox:

It may be hard, but forget what has happened and remember you have two others to worry about.

He showed the note to the police, but to no avail. They vacillated between ignoring him and treating him like the primary suspect. He warned his sister and mother and asked them to come live with him. Both refused, his sister unwilling to leave school and his mother unwilling to leave her side. At his urging, his sister did purchase a gun and both enrolled in a self-defense class at the local YWCA. His warning were ignored and a week after the note, he lost contact with both of them. Further panic set in as Daniel realized he was alone. He was unable to make any sense of what was happening to his family, first his wife and now his sister and mother. Although he had considered and discarded the possibility of someone he had profiled being involved, he revisited his old cases. Again he came up empty.

Doors Openp. On July 7, 2008 at 3:30 am, things changed … Daniel O’Sullivan entered the World of Darkness. An unknown stranger on the telephone awoke him from a fitful sleep and ordered him to come to a small diner in Los Angeles. Grabbing his gun and a garment bag that he always kept packed (in case he was called to testify at the last minute out-of-state), he jumped into his Range Rover and sped off toward Los Angeles. At the diner, he met Jacob Scranton, a special agent with DTRA. They sat for hours in Agent Scranton’s car, as he explained what he did and who was responsible for kidnapping Daniel’s family. A man of faith who believed in the truth of God and science, Daniel could not believe what he was hearing … tales of vampires and werewolves … of magicians and ghosts. Fearing he was with a madman, Daniel feel into the routine of a psychologist, listened with the compassion reserved for the insane, and ignored everything he heard. Frustrated and tired, he did not notice Agent Scranton slip a business card into his pocket.

Daniel found a hotel room for the night, but could not sleep. Everything he believed in was being rocked. The very foundations of his world, shattered. But more importantly, to believe meant something more horrible … something he did not want to consider … if it was true, what was happening to the women he loved? Were they alive and if they were alive, in what state? And, if he was even considering this tale, what did that say about his own sanity?

For two days he remained in the hotel room, in a stupor of disbelief and fear. He ate when the pangs of hunger became unbearable and slept when fatigue finally drained him. On the third day, he broke out of his deep malaise and returned to find out what had really happened to his wife, mother, and sister.

And, he walks throughp. Falling back on his training, he realized he needed to see things with fresh eyes and returned to the original manuscript that seemed to have started it all. Now, however, after his meeting with Agent Scranton, the manuscript’s barely decipherable text and imagery took on new and disturbing meaning.

For the next few months, he poured over the manuscript, traversing the country as he sought experts and research libraries. Unbeknown to him, he was being watched by friend and foe, alike. As the winter of 2009 came, blanketing the east coast in white, he was confronted by a creature out of myth and legend. Something that he had half come to believe existed after all his research, but still failed to accept even as it lunged for his throat. If it was not for the handful of DTRA agents watching him and the manuscript, his search for his loved ones would likely have ended quite differently from what he hoped.

Dr. Daniel Sullivan

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