Follow up
The Chalice is found

Having been given the location for the second zombie attack the group was able to deal with the zombies pretty easily and capture two of the individuals responsible. After a few hours of interrogation they learned how to track down the cult and it’s leader Peter. Sarah deciphered the sigils on the second cup given to the party from Jean Baptiste. The cup that was raising the zombies is known as the Chalice of Ariste, an artifact created by a Mage from the middle ages. The Chalice raises zombies to go out and gather flesh and blood to bring back to the Chalice, if enough was brought back the the Mage would be brought back to life.

The party went to the location of Peter’s cult and waited for them to show up. Once the cult showed up the party busted in to take them down. Peter demonstrated a supernatural influencing ability that he tried to use on William. William was able to resist the ability and once the young cultists were dealt with the party subdued and gagged Peter to take him. The Chalice was with Peter and was also taken into custody.

Now that the Chalice is safely locked away and a different undisclosed location from where Peter is being kept, the threat of the zombie horde is dealt with. Dr. Sullivan has begun to research divination to look for those he lost in his past and has gotten a lead on a local specialist in divination to help.

So it begins
Opening night for the campaign

Having been gathered together four members of the team were given their first assignment. Actually a couple of assignments. The first was to make contact with Madam Sorola, a talisman maker in the slums of Fuller Park(G). The other was to meet with Jean Baptiste (G) in Fairmount Willow Hls Memorial Park (G).

Madam Sorola tasked the party to deal with the threat posed by The Vial, a new gang that had started moving into her neighborhood and thus provoking a war with the Traveling Vice Lords. In exchange she would build talismans of protection for the party to aid them in their fight against other supernatural threats. She believed that The Vial were more than a mere mortal threat. She also believed that they were involved in human trafficking, specifically the abduction of young girls.

The group found the location of The Vial, a nearby abandoned bar. After watching the gang they learned that at least one individual was non-human. They assaulted the bar and fought mostly with the non-human. He grew to immense size, sprouted claws and used some sort of dark language that altered reality to curse the party. After taking lots of damage including shotgun rounds, pistol rounds, and even being clipped by the party’s vehicle, the strange man went down. His body immediately busted into flame and burned to ash. The party exchanged shots with the other gang members, downing two of them while the other two got away.

Inside the bar they found a stash of weapons and ammunition. In the walk in freezer they found a potted fern that appeared normal. However, the twelve bodies tacked to the walls with all of their bodily fluids being drained into the plant via tubes made them think otherwise. They took the plant, IDs of the victims and then sanitized the bar.

Two members of the party met with Jean Baptiste. He gave the party a warning of something bad coming to town and the one clue he had ‘received’ so far. This was in the form of a wooden chalice. He then pointed the party towards the zombie that was just coming out of the ground. They party were able to put him down pretty easily.

The party put the chalice and the fern back at the office under lock and key to be investigated. Dr. Daniel Sullivan set up an appointment for the next day to meet with Madam Sorola and learn more about her abilities. Jean Baptiste called the party to ask for another meeting in the alley by the intersection of N Jefferson st and W Washington Blvd.


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