Agent Equipment Package

G-Man Kit (Standard issue to all DTRA Agents) All the gear issued is of advanced or experimental design and is above and beyond what is available on the market.

Bulletproof Vest: Rating 3/3, Strength 1, Defense 0, Speed 0, Cost NA This item has the bulletproof trait (turns gun damage to bashing). This item has MNB powered GPS tracking.

Cell Phone: A modified Motorla Droid powered by a MNB. While within the Chicago area it uses a different frequency outside normal jammer range. Outside of Chicago it uses the GSM Band (which makes it usable world wide). Standard apps include a scramble signal (which is automatic when calling another DTRA number).

Pistol: Smith & Wesson SW99 .40 Pistol (Capacity 11+1), Damage 2 (9 again), Range 25/50/100, Strength 2, Size 1/S. Concealed under-arm holster with two extra clips.

MNB: Miniature Nuclear Battery ( have extended battery life that require no charging for at least a year of use.

Field Vehicle: Each team is givin a single vehicle for their use. The DTRA just got in new 2010 Cadillac Escalade ESV. These are equipped with all the possible amenities and survival gear capable of acting as mobile command centers for organizing other agencies. First aid kit (Level 2), food, blankets, 5 walkie talkies, fire axe, bottle water, road flares, gps, maps, PS3, in head screens.


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