There are several categories of equipment. The first is what is available on hand in the office. This includes a subsection of gear appropriated by the party’s investigations. The second is stuff that can be acquired with twelve to twenty four hours. The third category is stuff that can be acquired via requisition and must be accounted for and returned after use (Manipulation + Persuasion + Status DTRA). The final category is equipment that is in the office but must stay there (usually in the labs). See the book Armory for details

On Hand Equipment
Replacement vests, cell phones, replacement pistols, handcuffs, plastic restraints, bipod, ear protection, light mount, telescopic sights, binoculars, telescopic batons, knife, Stun gun, climbing gear, gas mask, first aid kit, flashlight, mace.

Acquired equipment: (4) AK-47s, (1) Shotgun, (5000) Rounds AK-47 Ammo, (200) Shotgun shells, 1 man-portable generator, (4) 7’ tall floodlamps

Available Gear
Laser sights, Night vision telescopic sights, NBC Suit, ghost Hunting Equipment, Shotgun, H&K MP5, stun baton, Demolitions kit, Lock picks, Surveillance kits, Night vision goggles

Restricted Gear
Thermal telescopic sights, Suppressor, Bugs (listening devices), Disguised camera, Tracking devices, wiretap, Sat Phone, Bomb Suit, Additional weaponry, Grenades, Non-lethal chemical agents

Lab Gear
Gunsmithing Kit, Reloading Bench, Bug Sweeper, Lie Detector, Medical suite, Computer/electronics tools


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