Character Creation Rules

These rules supersede the character creation rules as outlined in the WoD mainbook. They are intended to create heroic characters (better than average joes from the book) but also keep characters more we rounded and on an even keel.

Attributes: Each character starts with one dot in all nine attributes. It then has 12 points to spend among the attributes. The fourth dot costs two of these points, white the fifth dot costs three.

Skills: Each character begins play with one dot in each of the following skills -Academics, Investigation, Occult, Drive, Firearms, Intimidation, and Streetwise. These skills may be increased. It then has 15 dots to distribute. The fourth dot costs two of these points, white the fifth dot costs three.

Specialties: Each character begins play with three specialties for his skills. A specialty is a narrow focus and grants the character an extra die when using the skill and the associated specialty. For example, pistols would be a specialty of firearms.

Merits: Each character begins with the following Merits (even if it doesn’t meet the prerequisites)- Quick Draw 1 (Firearms), Allies 3 (DTRA), Mentor 3 (Dr Harper), Resources 3, and Status 2 (DTRA). These merits can not be increase (except for Resources which may be raised to four for 2 points). The character has an additional 7 points to spend as normal.

Allowed Sources: The following books may be refreneced when making your character. Anything from outside the main WoD book must be approved. If it is not on the following list, you better have a really good reason for even asking.

WoD Mainbook -nothing supernatural

Armory & Armory Reloaded -if you think it would be illegal, check.

Character Creation Rules

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