DTRA Office

At the beginning of January 2010, the offices of the DTRA were subject to an attack by a mortal organization called the NMS Group (No More Secrets). It is believed they are run by one of the various supernatural organizations and they are used as general trouble makers for government organizations like the DTRA. Because of this, the DTRA has used the cover of the census in order to set up their new base of operation on the 16th floor of the Chicago Temple Building. See the Home page for the article in the Chicago Lance (local paper).

The Office Staff

Dr. Harper: The head of the Chicago branch of the DTRRA.

Olivia Frey: This older black woman is Dr. Harper’s personal assistant. She does most of the paperwork and organization for him and the office and is the one in charge of getting the new office space squared away. She is aware of the supernatural, but doesn’t like to talk about such things. Olivia has a dice pool of 8 for dealing with bureaucracy.

Sarah Delaine: Recruited at a young age by the CIA because of her linguistic ability (know 20+ languages) she came to the DTRA when her family was killed by werewolves. Very quiet and subdued around the office, but very loquacious when talking via technology. Sarah’s primary role is that of communications and research. Sarah has a dice pool of 10 for translations. She has a specialty in Latin.

Mort Deliner: Mort who usually goes by ‘LB’ is the office lab rat who is fascinated by electronics and always trying to integrate magic and technology, although he has as yet to get one of his devices working. He has a dice pool of 10 for craft and science with a specialty in electronics under craft.

Diane Seak: Diane is the resident xeno-biologist and medic. She shares her lab space with Mort and is always getting in his way and taking his tools. She has a dice pool of 10 for science and medicine. Her specialty in science is biology while her medicine specialty is xeno-biology.

Darren Moore: Mechanic, responsible for equipment, Darren is always in a oil stained jump suit with parts and tools in his pockets. He has a permanent work station set up in the bottom level of the garage where he maintains the ‘fleet’. Darren has a dice pool of 10 for both repair and craft with a specialty for both in automobiles.

Srgt Donald Blast: Rather short at 5’ 2”, Donald seems as wide as he is tall. All muscle and with skin as black as midnight, most people have the impression he is taller than he is. He is in charge of the security crew and does unarmed and weapons training with agents and his security force. Donald has advanced training in martial arts and can teach others.

Marcus Denn, Kyle White, and Chris Rich: These three men are imposing white men strait outta marine training. They are the security force for the office. There is always one of them on duty in a bullet proof kiosk by the elevator. No one is allowed on the floor without their credentials being inspected. They are armed with pistols and there is an M16 and 12 gauge shotgun in the kiosk.

The Facilities

Rooms marked with an (IP) are still be constructed and are not ready for use.

Offices: Several different offices and conference rooms as well as a fully stocked kitchen are set up in one area of the building’s twentieth floor.

Observation Center (IP): There are two observation centers, each one is a set of two rooms with a one way mirror connecting them. This allows one room from each pair to be used as an interrogation room.

Labs (IP): One large area is set aside for various projects and research. Temperature controlled storage rooms and the medical center are also part of this area. The medical center has the ability to care for up to four long term patients and a single surgery center.

Armory (IP): Weapons lockers, machinery for maintaining and building weapons, and ammunition storage are all in this area. It is maintained by Donald Blast.

Bunk House: Often called the Quiet Room. The walls are covered with black sound absorbing material. There are four bunk beds (eight beds total) for when a nap is needed.

Gym: Several types of machines for weight and endurance training as well as a cleared area for weapons and hand to hand training. Lockers and showers have already been installed with a sauna to be built later.

DTRA Office

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