Rules Changes

Initiative: Initiative is the score of the character’s Composure + Dexterity + 1d10 as normal. However I am allowing the following options.

  • Delay: The character may delay his initiative order to any other number lower than his score in that round. He must act in that round and his initiative number is set at the new number. He may not interrupt anyone else’s actions.
  • Ready: The character declares an action and a trigger. If the trigger happens before his next initiative, then his triggered action goes off and can interrupt the trigger. His initiative is reset to the new score.
  • Take 10: The character gives up his action and resets his initiative score for the rest of the combat to what it would be if he had rolled a 10 on the d10 for the initiative roll.

Defense: The normal rules do not allow a character to add his Defense score again gun based ranged attacks. I am overruling this and allowing the Defense score to be used against any attacks the character is aware of.

Virtues & Vices: I am not going to enforce the rules. A character can have a Virtue (and recover Willpower as defined by its rules).

Rules Changes

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