Things that go Bump

There are several broad categories of supernatural (or non-mundane) beings. What follows is the known information as well as some suspected information about these beings and the interaction the DTRA has had with them. When ever possible, the terms used by these beings is referenced.

Undead: There are a variety of the walking dead, but the two most prominent are Zombies and Vampires. All walking dead are categorized as any fully dead body that has been animated and continues to move and in some cases stop decaying, although most do decay to some extent. * Zombies: Zombies are decaying corpses with little or no intelligence. They have either been animated by another individual and are nothing more than meat puppets, or they have been animated by some force and are imbued with the will to feed (usually on live flesh). Zobies feel no pain, are incredibly strong, and will not stop until the body is damaged to the point where the animating force can no longer hold it together. Zombies are usually found near sources of dead bodies. In cities they can be found in alleys and many people see them as nothing more than diseased bums and ignore them. Zombies are a kill when possible threat. * Vampires: The Urban Dead. Vampires no longer decay, produce fluids, or consume food. They live off the blood of living creatures, preferring humans to animals. They need not kill their victims can often find willing victims. Vampires are known to be highly resistant to damage, incredibly strong and fast. Some vampires exhibit mind control abilities, the ability to partially change shape (claws being common), and control animals. The biggest issue with Vampires is that they retain all of their former human minds. This causes two problems, they still have all the faults of man (greed being the biggest) and the ruthlessness to carry out all sorts of deviousness. There have been a few reported incidents of Vampires being on the right side of the law and helping, however, they in general should not be trusted.

Lycanthropes: Werewolves are the most common, but there are shape changers for most of the various predator animals. They move in packs and seemed more concerned with saving the environment than politics. They most often resort to physical violence for any problems. They stay away from the cities and are enemies of Vampires. They can be relied upon to be helpful as long as their goals are at the fore. General advice is to avoid interaction with Lycanthropes whenever possible.

Mystics: This category covers all the little psychics, seers, hedge mages, odd powers that mortals can exhibit. Individuals in this category are dealt with on a case by case basis. All should be cataloged and when possible studied. Enemies of the country should be dealt with harshly and not left to mundane authorities. Because of an agents constant exposure to the supernatural, many agents will study and possibly even develop their own powers.

Mages: A Mage is an individual capable of bending reality to their will. They have different cabals with their own agendas, some reaching back a thousand years or more. They are rare but when active they will always cause problems. Their disregard for the law is almost universal. Study and watched, then put down when they step out of line is the usual order. They should be considered capable of anything.

Prometheans: These are creatures that have been made from various materials and then animated (often by a powerful Mage). Unfortunately these creatures are immortal and often outlive their creators. They are very solitary in nature. When they stay in one place to long, their presence psychically depresses the area. Each one has a purpose based on why they were created. They will follow this purpose to the extreme, even their own destruction. Sometimes these creatures will go insane and try to destroy everything around them. If this happens, do what you can to clear out any bystanders and call in a FRAP team.

Changelings: This group includes all the various creatures of fairy. Sidhe, goblins, trolls, redcaps, gnomes, ogres, and anything else you may have heard from European tales. They are real. They are as varied as people. They do seem to ‘feed’ off of human emotion. Most of them feed off of positive emotions and do everything they can to encourage those emotions. The few that feed off of negative emotions are threats to be eliminated. Most of the ‘good’ fae will gladly help. However, these creatures are childlike and delight in mischief. Their help can be more of a hindrance.

Outsiders: Angels, demons, deep ones, and all manner of creepy thing. The creatures in this group are not native to Earth. They were never human and their motives are alien. They have powers and abilities undreamed of. If they can be taken down, do it, otherwise call in a FRAP team.

Things that go Bump

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