Vincent Roth

Former S.W.A.T. Lt. recruited by DTRA to provide combat support to their investigative team.

Intelligence X0000 Strength XXX00 Presence X0000
Wits XXX00 Dexterity XXXX0 Manipulation X0000
Resolve X0000 Stamina XXX00 Composure XXX00
Mental   Physical   Social
AcademicsX0000 AthleticsXX000 Animal Ken00000
Computer00000 Brawl (Boxing)XXX00 Empathy00000
CraftsXX000 DriveX0000 Expression00000
InvestigationXX000 Firearms (Rifle)XXX00 IntimidationXXX00
Medicine00000 Larceny (Lockpicking)XXX00 Persuasion00000
OccultX0000 StealthXXX00 Socialize00000
Politics00000 Survival00000 StreetwiseX0000
Science00000 WeaponryXX000 Subterfuge00000
Quickdraw (Firearms)X0000 Allies (DTRA)XXX00 Mentor (Dr. Harper)XXX00 ResourcesXXX00 Status (DTRA)XX000
Danger SenseXX000 Fighting Style BoxingXXX00 Natural ImmunityX0000 Direction SenseX0000

Vincent Roth was born October 31, 1978 in the mean streets of New York City. His family immigrated there from Germany a few years before his birth to make a better life for his two older sisters and his older brother. After a decade of saving and living in poverty, they were able to move out of New York and seek a better life in California. Although they didn’t live in the best of places in California, they were out of the cold, and crime ridden streets of New York and in the warm, comfortable climate of Long Beach.

At the age of 17, he finished high school and enlisted in the military. He spent 10 years in the Marines as a military cop and was promoted to SSgt. a year early. After life in the Marine Corps., he applied as a Los Angeles SWAT officer, and was quickly given the position as well as the rank of Sgt., after a three month probation, and completion of the newbie training and instructional course. The three months went by fast, the training was a breeze, and he was finally tacked on with his Sgt. stripes. He began training the new SWAT and LAPD guys on basic weapons handling, entry procedures, and his favorite, the obstacle course. He also taught some classes that weren’t required learning, but of what he was taught in the Marines and his continued dedication to the team brought him his Lt. bars after five years.

After a few months of being promoted to Lt., his team was called into a hostage situation at Lompoc Penitentiary. Needing specialists, anyone but the LAPD SWAT team would be less effective at infiltrating this facility and bringing peace to the matter. Apparently a new facility doctor had been giving “flu vaccines,” but really he was giving them an experimental virus that they wanted to test out. What was a hostage situation turned out to become a rescue mission for what little survivors might be left. Vincent gathered his team and entered along with several other teams looking for survivors and any answers on to what may have happened. While inside they found dead bodies littered the halls and the courtyard, some prisoners walking aimlessly, and a few crouched over the dead bodies. The team made their way to the armory while the other teams went to other specified areas. During their journey to the armory, the other teams radioed in that they were being ambushed by prisoners. The prisoners weren’t trying to take their weapons, but they were ripping them up and biting them and tearing their flesh off with their teeth. One by one the teams were being eliminated except for Vincent’s. which had a lot of luck in avoiding these prisoners. His team soon got to the armory where they found about 15 surviving guards and the doctor’s staff, but no doctor. At first glance everyone was fine except for a few of the guards that had a few scratches and bite marks on them. Thinking everyone was ok the team set out on extracting the survivors. On the way out, they saw their dead team members strewn out all over the courtyard and prisoners feasting on their remains. As they approached the exit, they saw some prisoners wandering around the exit. With little choice left they opened fire on them and the loud noise and explosions drew the rest of the prisoners toward them. Fearing for their lives everyone ran towards the exit and narrowly escaped with their lives. The medics ran toward the survivors and began treating those that were injured. Vincent debriefed the Chief and the Mayor on the situation going on inside the walls. The mayor made a call and within half an hour some unmarked cars arrived and some officials exited the cars with DRTA armored vests on. They talked to Vincent and the other members of his team, then talked with the survivors that haven’t been injured. While the interviewing was going on another set of trucks arrived on scene with the same DTRA logos and whole squads emerged from them and stormed inside the prison. Vincent went to see how the treated survivors were and noticed that the two that were bit started looking like the prisoners they had encountered inside. Vincent quickly drew his sidearm and emptied his clip into both of them and reloaded. He walked over to them and saw they were still moving, and now trying to bite at him. He shot one in the head and noticed that he stopped moving, looked at the other one and did the same.

Next day at the office, the chief called Vincent into his office and was introduced to a Dr. Harper and an Agent Johnson. They saw what he did yesterday during the prison escapade and offered him a job with the DTRA as a field agent who would be working with a team of investigators and others of variant professions. They told him to think it over and give them a call by the end of the week with his decision. Vincent took the whole week to think it over, and finally called them with his verdict.

Vincent Roth

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