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The Occult Bookstore: Serving the mystical in Chicago since 1920. Recommended by Madam Sorola.

Things that go Bump: This page catalogs the information the DTRA has on the various types of supernatural threats.

Chicago Slums Information: Links to a standard Wiki detailing the different districts of Chicago.

Chicago Gangs information: Links to an external site with information about the various gangs of Chicago.

Newspaper Articles: Check this page often for various newspaper articles from the Chicago Lance.

DTRA Office: The full time staff and environment from which the Chicago DTRA operates from.

CFTA Chicago Field Team Alpha: The existing DTRA field team for the Chicago area. This team’s activities have been leading them far afield and all over the world. It is because of this that team Beta has been formed.

CFTB Chicago Field Team Beta: A newly formed team just being put in the field to work the Chicago area directly under Dr. Harper.

AEP Agent Equipment Package: Gear supplied to all field agents.

Armory: What equipment is available to the Chicago DTRA.

Rules Changes: This section details the few rules I am changing/altering from the WoD mainbook.

Character Creation: When making a character remember that the character is part of a very powerful government agency with broad law enforcement powers. Odd ball concepts that would never function in this sort of agency should not be made. However, the characters in this group are not your standard g-man types either. Every one of the PCs has the two following things in common. Please do not try to make your character in a vacuum. Talk with the GM and other players when designing your character to make sure you fit in and will be useful.

  1. The character is one that has abilities and skills that would be useful to an investigative field unit. While lab skills might be used, don’t forget the characters will be the ones on the front line.
  2. The characters have had ONE encounter with the supernatural in the past six months. It was this encounter that caught the attention of the DTRA ( and got the character transferred or hired by this agency.

Character Creation Rules: Characters made for this game will use the following changes to the standard World of Darkness character creation.

Main Page

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